Unveel.io partner with Mogo, part of Eleving Group to streamline operations and provide innovative financial solutions to gig workers

August 9, 2022
Unveel.io and Mogo, part of Eleving Group, are excited to announce a partnership to streamline operations and automate financial processes for gig workers.

Unveel.io and Mogo, are formally announcing their partnership. Mogo provides affordable and prompt financing options for underserved individuals across the world, including vehicle leasing, leaseback, and boda loans in three continents and 13 countries.

Mogo plays an important role in the accessibility of finance across these locations, enabling upward social mobility and innovative solutions for gig workers. Through real-time data  distribution, Unveel.io helps Mogo further expand the important work they do for the gig-worker economy.

Mogo focuses on prompt loan responses, returning solutions to customers within a 24hr period as standard practice. Through use of Unveel.io's data, Mogo can improve operations and their positive influence on gig workers alike.

“Unveel.io pride ourselves on enabling gig workers within this ecosystem. Our partnership presents an opportunity to streamline financial processes, and access infrastructure. 

With Mogo we further facilitate both of these things. It is a partnership that is of incredible mutual benefit. For Unveel.io, for Mogo, and most importantly, for gig workers… as we plan to empower, mobilize, and equip them in the industry- on a global level.”

-Max Moscicki, Vice President of Unveel.io

The partnership provides gig workers further financial flexibility and access to essential assets. Not only is it a great example of the use-case of Unveel.io’s technology, but it also is a testament to the role that Mogo plays in providing financial support and infrastructure to gig workers.

“In Kenya over 1.5 million people rely on motorcycle-taxi business as their main source of income. While most riders still work fully offline, we have seen increased popularity in platforms like Uber, Bolt and Glovo, which allows riders to have a higher and more stable source of income. Owning a motorcycle for a rider is the first major step to improve their business and generate even more income for themselves and their families. With this partnership Mogo will be able to offer a tailor made product for riders across Kenya to buy their own motorcycle with the best terms in the country.”

-Modestas Sudnius, Eleving Group CEO

Mogo and Unveel have entered into a partnership that prioritizes the gig worker economy and its workforce. Through this new collaboration, both parties will work together to provide an equitable environment for all individuals operating within it. A move which is essential if we want our society's landscape to become equally accessible.

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