Unveel.io powers up Appjobs Work to provide Earned Wage Access to gig workers

March 1, 2023
Appjobs Work is now paying hundreds of gig economy drivers and couriers their earnings on a daily basis. Having access to their earnings faster is a key problem for many gig workers who live from paycheck to paycheck and Unveel technology has enabled Appjobs Work to solve it for them.

The pilot in Poland has already yielded very promising results, with hundreds of drivers receiving daily payments of their earnings at platforms such as Wolt, Glovo, Bolt Food, Uber Eats. The project will soon be extended to thousands of couriers and drivers in several countries, providing even greater financial benefits to gig workers.

By leveraging Unveel’s expertise in data analytics and Appjobs Work’s understanding of the dynamics of the gig economy, Appjobs is now in a unique position to reduce the financial stress faced by many gig workers and enabling them to better manage their finances. We are excited to expand this innovative solution to even more gig workers in the near future by collaborating with other stakeholders and solution providers such as fleet partners or more gig platforms.

For more details about how you can get this technology for your own fleet, contact Max Moscicki (max@appjobs.com).

Appjobs Work and Unveel.io are both Appjobs companies.