Unveel.io and RapidWage join forces to provide financial wellness solutions for gig workers

July 25, 2022
Unveel.io and RapidWage combine to offer streamlined, instantaneous Earned Wage Access to gig workers in Portugal.

Data specialists Unveel.io are excited to announce another positive step toward providing gig workers the immediate attainment of their deserved earnings. Unveel.io provides access to real-time data that actively benefits companies and individuals that work within the gig worker economy. Allowing streamlined collection of wages, and therefore improving the financial well-being of the workers.

Earned Wage Access provider RapidWage is an integral tool for gig workers in Portugal, with their app receiving real-time updates of hours worked and wages earned, and allowing individuals to claim same-day payment. Unveel.io provides access to beneficial data that assists in this process, and furthermore promotes financial flexibility for workers in the economy, allowing them to access wages directly from the application.

RapidWage has an innovative model that grants workers direct access to earnings through same day transactions and wages paid direct to debit cards. Their team is on a mission to give everyone financial flexibility, and Unveel.io couldn’t be happier to join forces with them to help facilitate this vision.

With the philosophy of providing a financial wellness solution, it’s safe to say that Unveel.io and RapidWage are on the same page, and set to improve the gig worker economy in leaps and bounds.

“Financial wellness is imperative to not only a healthy gig worker economy, but importantly, to gig workers themselves. RapidWage has extraordinarily streamlined efficient financial offerings to their users, and this can only be a good thing for the industry.

Unveel.io is proud to facilitate access to data that ultimately helps RapidWage in bridging the gap between what gig workers currently receive, and what they deserve.

This partnership is another positive step towards providing the hard workers in our economy the financial benefits and ease of wage access that they are entitled to.”

-Max Moscicki, Vice President of Unveel.io

Unveel.io looks forward to entering a mutually beneficial partnership which improves both the quality of life of gig workers, and the economy in which they operate.

"RapidWage is delighted to partner with Unveel.io in improving the financial wellness of gig and freelance workers. These hard working individuals need and deserve access to new tools like Earned Wage Access to attain financial flexibility, without giving up stability.

RapidWage is committed to bringing European workers the fastest, easiest, and safest access to the monies they’ve earned.

-Ramsay Wells, CEO / Founder of RapidWage

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