Unveel.io and PayCurve combine to create innovative financial solutions for gig workers in South Africa

September 12, 2022
Unveel.io and Earned Wage Access company PayCurve facilitate smarter, more streamlined wage access for gig workers in South Africa.

Real-time data experts Unveel.io announce partnership with PayCurve, an Earned Wage Access (EWA) company that provides innovative financial solutions for employers and employees. By partnering with Unveel.io, PayCurve can now extend its offering to gig workers across South Africa.

Unveel.io has unparalleled access to real-time data, which they have once again leveraged to provide financial solutions for underserved gig workers.

“Fair access to wages is of paramount importance to maintaining a healthy gig economy. In the partnerships that Unveel.io establishes, there are always substantial benefits to gig workers.

In this instance, Unveel.io is empowering Earned Wage Access provider PayCurve to operate at their maximum capability. Resulting in them being able to offer their valuable services to members in the gig economy. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Unveel.io, PayCurve, and most importantly, gig workers.”

-Max Moscicki, Vice President of Unveel

Now, along with their seamless integration to payroll software and easy-to-use platform,  PayCurve can provide gig workers instant access to funds. Therefore breaking debt cycles and facilitating healthier financial patterns for individuals in the ecosystem.

“Our team at PayCurve is excited to launch our innovative solution and begin to improve the lives of South African gig economy workers. As part of our new partnership, gig workers now have access to their own funds in real time through the use of our technology. PayCurve is committed to provide the smartest and most innovative earned wage solution in the market."

- Brett Berman, PayCurve COO

PayCurve additionally has a valuable feature within its platform that allows workers to withdraw their earned wage balance in the form of both cash and medical or grocery vouchers. South African gig workers are able to access funds in a reliable and efficient medium through PayCurve, and Unveel.io are thrilled to facilitate this.

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