New partnership will help 200,000 gig economy drivers save on taxes

July 4, 2022
Data experts and financial toolkit join forces to streamline processes. Drivers will be able to minimize costs, track income goals and calculate net profits.

AROUND 200,000 ride-hailing and delivery drivers in Australia will be able to save thousands of dollars in taxes each year thanks to an exciting new partnership.

Data experts are teaming up with, a financial toolkit for those working in the gig economy, to help them claw back some cash. provides granular, real-time income and work history data for 65 million gig workers around the world. This includes wages for every trip including tips, miles driven, locations of pick-ups and drop-offs and 50 other data points. It will be providing this data to the platform that already has thousands of users across Australia. allows workers to automatically monitor and categorise business expenses. For drivers, this means they can track mileage for tax-filing purposes and get real-time estimated deductions based on this mileage.

The gig economy is growing at a rapid rate in Australia. The popularity of ride-sharing apps such as Uber and DiDi, plus food delivery services such as Deliveroo and Menulog, means this trend looks set to continue. On average, a full-time driver travels 190 miles a day. With fuel prices on the rise due to global events, any way of reducing taxes will be gratefully received.

Max Moscicki, Vice President of, said:

“ provides important data to help gig economy workers get the most out of their efforts. It is going from strength to strength and we see this partnership with as another step in expanding across the globe. We are delighted to be able to play a role in helping ride-hailing and delivery drivers in Australia save money and improve their efficiency.” 

Benjemen Elengovan, founder and CEO of, said:

"Through this partnership, unlocks new data streams that will help us provide advanced insights to our users on maximising their earnings and saving money on taxes. Excited to work with in pursuing our mission to be a global financial services platform for gig economy workers.”