Unveel.io and CashD announce a partnership to revolutionize gig earning in Australia

September 19, 2022
Unveel.io, and CashD, partner to provide gig workers with remuneration in real-time.

Data experts Unveel.io are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with CashD

CashD enables employees to take ownership of their earnings in real time, as they earn.  Now partners, Unveel.io and CashD are working together to remunerate Australia’s gig workers in real time.

Unveel.io provides the necessary data that enables CashD to remunerate gig workers with their earnings as they earn. The result of this partnership is an on-demand financial solution that directly benefits the livelihood of gig workers. Unveel.io is once again facilitating positive change to the invaluable individuals operating in the gig economy.

Not only is CashD providing real time access to remuneration, but it also consolidates available remuneration, and mitigates the risk of gig workers interacting with unreliable alternatives. The positive influence of CashD is not going unnoticed, as they are the exclusive Real Time Remuneration provider to  Australian listed software company Reckon (ASX: RKN) and PayGroup (ASX:PYG) recently purchased by  international firm, Deel Inc.

“Reliable on-demand financial solutions should be available to all workers within the gig economy. Unfortunately thus far, they haven’t been. Unveel.io aims to change this.

Our partnership with CashD is a perfect example of positive and necessary steps being taken toward a safer economy for gig workers. The ultimate goal is to make safe and swift real-time remuneration not just a possibility, but a guarantee in the ecosystem.”

-Max Moscicki, Vice President of Unveel.io

With the use of Unveel.io’s access to data, revolutionary benefits to both businesses and individuals within the economy are being unlocked. Through this partnership, Unveel.io and CashD are setting the bar for the standard of prompt remuneration to the underserved gig workers and enacting necessary positive change.

”Remuneration drives people and businesses. Unveel.io and CashD now bring that drive to the entire Aussie gig economy. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.”

-Marcus Lasarow, CashD CEO

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